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Gakk Media is an experienced developer and provider of mobile entertainment and infotainment technologies, having its VAS platforms deployed in partnership with leading Telecom operators.

From a mature position in entertainment and infotainment SMS and WAP platforms, Gakk has through the last two years expanded into offerings with a variety of 3G VAS services.

All Gakk services are intuitively designed to maximize the subscriber’s comfort and ease of use, keep them engrossed with the best of ever fresh content, and thus enhance usage.

WAP Downloads

We give freedom to mobile users through 24/7 connection, and providing FREE downloads every day. Gakk offers 30+ WAP sites across telecoms.


Gakk Media offers audio & video streaming for all 3G users, where users enjoy unlimited songs & videos through WAP & Applications.


Gakk IVR (16235) contains 1 million + songs for all mobile handset users. We cover all genres of songs.


Our IVVR service offers Videos directly on handset through dialing the short code 22345. There's no need to visit any site to watch the videos.

Text Based services:

We handle a variety of Text based subscription services, covering both infotainment & entertainment.


Gakk offers various types to campaigns for service holders to further engage users. Participants can for example get their dream handset & meet with a celebrity by taking part.